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U.S. Polo Assn. Gift Cards

For Russia;


We are happy to present you the U.S. Polo Assn. Gift Cards 3,000 rub, 5,000 rub, 7,500 rub, 10,000 rub and 15 000 rub. Please inform yourselves about the terms and validity periods of the gift cards

AR FASHION LLC (AYDINLI LLC before 19.01.2017) (hereinafter 'the Company') holds a marketing campaign with the U.S. Polo Assn. Gift Cards (hereinafter GCs).

1. The Gift Card can be used within twelve months* from the date of its activation. The date of activation of a Gift Card shall be the date of its sale to the Buyer (the person who paid for the GC). Information on the Gift Card validity period can be obtained through staff of sales outlets. (*This state has taken the legal effect since 2016.12.06 and valid for earlier spread GC as well.)

2. The Company is the owner of a Gift Card. Gift Cards are not personalized, which means that both the Buyer and the actual Holder (the person who produces the GC for acquisition of goods) have the right to use the Card. The Buyer and Holder of a Gift Cards are participants of this Campaign carried out by the Company.

3. In accordance with the rules of this Campaign, a Gift Card represents a means of payment on a par with cash and bank cards to purchase goods in stock of the Company.

4. The Gift Card acquires function of a means of payment from the date of its activation.

5. Upon presentation of a Gift Card, the cashier shall check the card activation.

6. Discounts on discount cards and other promotions or special offers of the Company and its partners do not apply to purchase of Gift Cards.

7. The Company issues U.S. Polo Assn. Gift Cards in the following cash equivalents (hereinafter 'Nominal Value'):

3,000 rubles

5,000 rubles

7,500 rubles

10,000 rubles

15,000 rubles

8. Gift Cards can be purchased and produced for goods payment in the following retail units (updated list since 04.04.2017):


Afimall City (Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya 2, Moscow)

Aviapark (Khodynsky Boulevard 4, Moscow)

Columbus (Kirovogradskaya Str. 13А, Moscow)

Festival (Michurinskiy Prospekt 3/1, Moscow)

Kaleidoscope (Skhodnenskaya Str. 56, Moscow)

MEGA Belaya Dacha (MKAD 14 km, Moscow)

MEGA Khimki (Leningradskaya Str. 39, Bld. 5, Khimki, Moscow Region)

MEGA Tepliy Stan (Kaluzhskoe Shosse 21 km, Moscow)

Metropolis (Leningradskoe Shosse 16-а, Bld. 4, Moscow)

Raykin Plaza (Sheremetyevskaya Str 6/1, Moscow)

RIO Dmitrovka (Dmitrovskoe shosse, 163A)

RIO Leninsky (Leninskiy Prospekt 109, Moscow)

Vegas (MKAD 24 km, Moscow)

Zolotoy Vavilon (Prospekt Mira 211, Moscow)

Fashion House Outlet Centre (Leningradskoe Shosse 14 km, Moscow)

Outlet Village Belaya Dacha (Novoryazanskoe Shosse 8, Moscow)

Savelovskiy (Sushchevskiy Val Str. 5, Bld. 1, Moscow)

Vnukovo Outlet Village (Estate 8/1, village Lapshinka, settlement Moskovskiy, Moscow)


Galeria (Ligovskiy Prospekt 30A, St. Petersburg)

Leto (Pulkovskoe Shosse 25/1, Bld. A, St. Petersburg)

MEGA Dybenko (Murmanskoe Shosse 12 km, St. Petersburg)

MEGA Parnas (Ring Road and Engels Prospekt intersection, St. Petersburg)

PiterLand (Primorskiy Prospekt 72, St. Petersburg)

Outlet Village Pulkovo (Pulkovskoe Shosse 60, Bld. 1, St. Petersburg)

Evropolis (Polyustrovskiy Prospekt 84A, St. Petersburg)


MEGA Nizhny Novgorod (Fedyakovo, Kstovskiy district, Nizhny Novgorod)


Galeria Krasnodar (V. Golovatogo Str. 313, Krasnodar)

OZ Mall (Krylataya Str. 2, Krasnodar)



MoreMall (Novaya Zarya Str. 7, Sochi)


9. Gift Cards are not accepted as means of payment in the official online store or on the Partners' sites, as well as in retail stores not specified in Section 9.

10. Purchase of goods with a Gift Card can only be performed on one-off basis.

11. In the event that the purchase price exceeds the Nominal Value of a Gift Card, the difference can be paid in cash or by credit card.

12. In the event that the purchase price is less than the Nominal Value of a Gift Card, the remaining balance shall be canceled.

13. The purchase can be paid with two or more Gift Cards.

14. Lost Gift Cards will not be reissued.

15. After a Gift Card has performed its function as a means of payment (acquisition of goods with a Gift Card), the Card will be considered redeemed and shall be handed over at the sales outlet to the cashier processing the sale.

16. In accordance with the terms of this Campaign, only defective goods may be returned and replaced with similar goods. Such return may be performed only if the cash register receipt is available. If the receipt specifies in addition to the goods to be replaced other items purchased under this Campaign using a Gift Card, all items shall be returned. The goods shall be in a marketable condition complying with the quality, completeness and availability of factory labels. If it is impossible to return all items in a marketable condition, none of the goods specified in the receipt shall be subject to replacement.

17. Gift Cards may not be exchanged for cash.

18. The terms of this Campaign represent a public offer, and the Campaign Participants shall accept all conditions given above.


If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Service Department: